At the Black Payment Network (BPN), we understand that the global payment processing system is highly fragmented and regulated in order to protect customers. As technology becomes more complex, so are the customer demands for better service, faster delivery, more personalized product recommendations, and more payment processing options that come with loyalty cards attached. In addition, ecommerce will need to be linked to brick-and-mortar store sales as customers ask for omnichannel and optimized sales experience.

Payment Solutions for Web Commerce

In such scenarios, it is crucial for banks, merchants, and payment service providers to make innovative changes in their payment systems. One way to do this is to allow customers to pay the way they want and to ensure high-grade security to build and maintain customer trust.

This is where the Black Payment Network comes in.

We offer a highly innovative Black payment processing platform that accepts a wide range of credit cards and payment options. Our system is equipped with world-class security and fraud prevention and offers an exceptional checkout experience that encourages digital payments.

Web Commerce Solutions

When it comes to trading over the internet, the success of your business is built on trust. BNP offers a state-of-the-art and secure gateway for ecommerce payment processing. Our platform is PCI-compliant and enables multi-currency transactions from a single platform. BPN’s web commerce platform is scalable and ever-evolving.

We offer virtual terminals, a secure interface built into a payment gateway. The sophisticated technology empowers Black businesses to run their payment processing gateway like a credit card terminal on a computer or mobile device.The virtual terminal is browser-based so it can be accessed on any web-enabled device. BPN’s virtual terminal also offers innovative options, making it that much easier to get paid online.

Web Commerce Features from BPN

By choosing to implement a web commerce solution from BPN, you are opting for a more secure and efficient way to accept online payments. Some of the features that our BPN web commerce platform offers you include:

  • Custom email invoicing: Black merchants can now simply send an invoice via email that allows customers to make secure online payments. You can also check the dashboard to see the invoices that have been paid and resend invoices.
  • Customer data security: BPN’s web commerce payment processor allows merchants to securely store customer card information for billing purposes. The platform allows you to create customer profiles and eliminate the need to ask for credit card information for every sale.
  • Set up recurring payments: We enable our clients to set up an automatic monthly payment schedule for customers. All you need to do is to set the schedule and the system will charge the customer on a regular basis automatically.
  • Analytics and reporting: Merchants can now view the status of their email invoices, check and manage inventory, analyze sales trends, view transactions, and more.

Get Web Commerce Support for Your Business

At the Black Payment Network, we want Black businesses to know that they are not alone.

  • We offer payment solutions that save Black businesses money on card processing
  • BPN provides lucrative job and career opportunities for the Black community
  • It enables us to keep money in our neighborhood
  • It increases fintech opportunities for Blacks
  • 5% of the profits will go to HBCUs and TS

Reach out to us today to find a web commerce payment option that fits your business.