Most customers today are cashless and like to pay through a debit or credit card. Since the pandemic, it has become more practical to pay with a card rather than handle paper money that may be contaminated. However, processing cards is not always cost-effective.

At the Black Payment Network, we can help our clients save on surcharges through our cash discount programs. This means more solutions to help Black businesses save more money on their credit card processing, allowing them to keep their hard-earned money in their pockets.

At the Black Payment Network, we offer the following surcharge and cash discount benefits for Black businesses:

  • Powerful and easy surcharging
  • Low credit card processing rates
  • 100% PCI and security compliance

Our mission is to become the No. 1 Black credit card processing company in the world. We empower Black businesses with easy and low-cost credit card processing and make payments fair and ready for every business owner.

Low-Cost Credit Card Processing Solution for Black Businesses

Are you looking for a credit card processing solution for your business? With BPN’s surcharge and cash discount process, you can require customers paying by a credit card to cover fees that would otherwise be your responsibility. This will allow them the convenience of paying via credit card while ensuring little to no cost for you.

Simple But Robust Surcharge Program

With BPN, setting up a new surcharge program is simple and intuitive. Your terminal will be programmed to automatically apply a small surcharge to all purchases made with credit cards. You can then place a notification in your shop that lets customers know they will be charged a surcharge and you are ready to go.

Our surcharge program consists of:

  • Registration of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express on your behalf
  • A POS terminal or system programmed with a surcharge feature
    Exceptional customer support for Black business owners

With BPN, businesses can save thousands of dollars annually and generate low credit card transaction fees.

Cash Discount Program

We offer a robust cash discount program that encourages your customers to pay with cash by adding a small amount of service charge to all its store sales. If the customer chooses to pay with cash, this service charge is removed, resulting in a discounted purchase.

This program can help Black businesses save hundreds of dollars every month and improve their profit margin.

Quick and Intuitive Set Up

BPN’s cash discount feature is built into the POS or payment terminal so that Black businesses can quickly add a cash discount program without any hassle or additional work. The amount of surcharge is shown on the payment receipt in a separate line. In addition, the surcharge is not applied if the customer chooses to pay with a debit or ATM card.

Our cash discount program allows Black businesses to take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Better profit potential
  • More savings leading to higher scalability opportunities
  • Growth of the business

Interested in our Surcharge and Cash Discount Programs? Find out more about them by contacting us today.