At the Black Payment Network, we empower Black merchants working in the skilled trade services to offer excellent customer service from the very first call to the final payment. Our one-stop-shop electronic credit card and payment processing system is designed to help streamline business operations while saving time and reducing transaction processing costs.

Some of the skilled trade businesses we serve include:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Auto repair services
  • Beauty salons
  • Home remodeling
  • Home improvement
  • Computer repair
  • General repairs
  • Pest control

Offer Exceptional Payment Experience to Your Customers

We offer different payment options for the ease and convenience of our customers. With the Black Payment Network, skilled trade service providers can go ahead with their transactions through various processing channels like credit card processing systems, online banking, e-wallets, local cash collection systems, and other methods of payment integrated into our payment processing platform.

The extensive range of payment options offered by us allows customers to select their preferred method and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in more sales and increased profits. In addition, our patented technology will ensure that your transactions are processed quickly and you are charged a low transaction fee, resulting in a cost-effective credit card and payment processing option.

Virtual Terminals

We can set up a recurring billing schedule for your clients to make fixed monthly or regular payments. It will also enable you to send custom email invoices for services rendered.

Mobile Processing

Through our custom mobile processing options, skilled trade service providers can accept all types of payments through a phone or tablet as well as utilize contactless payment options like Google or Apple Pay.

Web Services

Our payment processing system allows clients to make payments using their desktop computers or laptops. At the Black Payment Network, we accept all sorts of payments, including ACH, echecks, credit cards, debits cards, and contactless options.

Better Control of Payment Processing

At BPN, we offer skilled trade businesses all the necessary tools to effectively manage payment processes for your business. We have a mission to become the No.1 Black payment processing service, which is why we offer a model of payment processing to Black skilled trade service providers that can help further the Black community.

BPN offers maximum control to skilled traders and helps them manage all business processes. We have developed several services that allow skilled traders to:

  • Fully control the flow of payments
  • Record the data and stats of payments
  • Build high-quality analytics using those number

In short, BPN offers skilled traders a variety of tools that help make businesses better, quicker, and more efficient.

Why Skilled Traders Choose BPN

  • We offer future-proof connected tools
  • High-grade security and privacy options
  • Completely secure transaction and payment processing
  • Risk management and PCI compliance
  • Lower transaction processing rates with no hidden fees
  • Better customer insights and data

At BPN, we believe that it is time for skilled traders to stop waiting for checks in their emails and to start being paid immediately. Find out how the Black Payment Network can empower you to save money, time, and resources while improving customer satisfaction and benefiting the entire Black community.

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