The retail industry is highly dynamic and ever-changing. From beauty and lifestyle to electronics and bix box retail stores, Black Payment Network offers a unified payment processing solution that offers customers an excellent shopping experience while driving profitability to your retail service.

Offering Omnichannel Support for Retailers

Black Payment Network facilitates retailers by offering them a comprehensive credit card and payment processing solution, whether you run an online or in-store business, or both. Our platform offers support for both low- and high-volume sales environments, management of multiple sites, scaling of your business, immediate sales, book-and-ship operations, card-on-file, and everything in between.

We offer a suite of personalized tools made specifically for retailers.

How We Work With Retailers

At Black Payment Network, we offer a host of benefits for both online and physical retailers.

Managing Inventory

Our payment processing platform offers multi-location and user-friendly inventory management that helps retailers make smart and efficient business decisions.

Multi-channel Selling

With Black Payment Network, you can explore all the ways you can reach a wider base of customers in your ecommerce site or brick-or-mortar store.

Easy Payments

With BPN, taking and processing payments are now easier than ever. We partner with major merchants and take payments with credit card and debit card solutions, merchant services, and integrated payment APIs.

Managing Finance

We offer an intuitive way to manage your finances. Our payment processing solutions help transfer funds, get a debit card, and more.

Running Your Business

Our state-of-the-art payment system offers multiple benefits that help Black businesses manage their operations, including managing payrolls, making reports, and handling team management, all with a single platform.


One-Stop-Shop Solutions for Unique Retailers

With Black Payment Network, retailers have the best chance to stay ahead of the curve.


Our system ensures that your business focus stays with the customers, not struggling with old technology. We can help you scale quickly and efficiently, whether you have an online or in-store business.


We have a vision of becoming the world’s No. 1 Black payment processing system. We are the industry-leaders spearheading emerging and innovative payment opportunities and methods.

Single Integration

At BPN, we can help you get consistent reports across various markets and channels and create a strategy based on payments data.

More Payment Options

We help retailers leverage their data to offer a personalized experience to shoppers, regardless of the channel they use, and ensure more convenience by offering them a wide range of payment partners and methods.

Improved Payment Processing

Our POS systems offer increased accessibility to all retail shoppers and empower your staff to process payments in every part of the store.

QR Code Technology

With our QR code technology, customers now have a faster and more convenient way to order and pay. Just use the phone to scan the code and you are done.

Mobile Payments

BPN retail solutions help reduce lines and waiting times, and increase sales by allowing customers to make mobile payments, through Wi-Fi, phone internet, or Bluetooth.

Are You Ready to Get our Payment Solution?

At BPN, we have you covered. Our payment processing services are integrated with hundreds of top-rated payment partners, giving every retailer multiple processing options.