Your restaurant or bar is not just about delicious food – it’s about the whole experience, including payment and checkout. Black Payment Network offers an optimized restaurant and bar processing solution that streamlines orders, payments, and front to back-of-the-house communication so you can provide a memorable dining experience for your customers.

A Turn-Key Payment Processing Platform for Black Restaurants and Bars

A complex and dynamic industry like the food and beverage industry requires a unified approach to payment processing. From restaurants and bars to quick table service and food delivery, we make it as simple and easy as possible for your customers.


In the restaurant and bar industry, quick service is the No.1 priority for customers. With BPN’s payment processing solutions, restaurants, bars, and eateries can reduce lines and waiting times and allow guests to pay at the table. In addition, it can help pre-calculate tip amounts and split payments so that the cost of the meal can be shared.

Optimized for the Food Industry

Our payment processing platform is suitable for all Black food and beverage services, including restaurant, bars, delivery and takeaway services, and chain franchises. Our features include consolidation of payments across multiple sales channels, fast and easy terminal payout, and quicker payouts.

One-Stop-Shop Platform

BPN’s payment processing platform is designed to focus on the scalability of your business and customers with a single, unified payment solution. In addition, it translates into reduced transaction fees for Black entrepreneurs and restaurant owners.

Accurate Business Insights

BPN’s payment processing solutions allow restaurants and bars to understand all aspects of their business via detailed analytics and customer reports. Owners can see sales data in real time on their POS, manage low inventory, and find out what is the hottest selling item on the menu.

Online Ordering

Our sophisticated payment processing system allows restaurants to take orders online with reduced or no monthly fees. Owners can set up curbside pickup, takeaway, and delivery, easily import items on the menu for online ordering, and sync customer orders with point of sale.

Manage Orders

Restaurant managers can get online orders and orders from partnered food delivery services straight to their POS. This ensures a consolidated online order reporting where you can receive all online orders on a tablet and eliminate the need for manual entries, which often result in errors.

Staff Management

Need help managing your wait staff, bartenders, chefs, and everyone else on your team? With our payment processing system, restaurant teams can clock in and out of the POS. Owners can view how much sales have been made by a certain member and give permission to the staff to issue discounts and refunds.

Optimize Payment Processing

Black Payment Network accepts all types of credit cards and other payment options quickly and in a secure way, whether you are dining in, ordering behind the counter, online, or using a curbside pickup. The system charges low transaction fees and no chargebacks and refund fees. Plus it is highly secure with end-to-end encryption and is PCI compliant.

Higher Sales Capture

With our payment processing tools, capturing more sales is now easier than ever. Black restaurant owners can now equip their staff with reliable and secure terminals which can help them manage orders and process payments without any hassle.

A Modern Solution for Black Restaurant Businesses

Black Payment Network has been designed to help Black businesses reach more customers and offer them an excellent experience by giving them a simple, quick, and safe ordering and buying experience.

We can help you develop a great restaurant experience with BPN’s solutions.