At the Black Payment Network (BNP), we strive to be the No. 1 black payment processing service in the world. We are changing the way the credit card processing system works. We are introducing new reforms in the industry to ensure that the Black community gets the most benefits from the payment processing company.

As America’s first-ever black-only payment processing company, BNP is on a mission to empower Black businesses, merchants, and entrepreneurs attract a higher number of customers, keep them engaged and retained, earn higher revenue, and provide them with an edge against the competition.

Reforms Introduced by BPN

At the Black Payment Network, we have introduced a one-of-a-kind payment solution that has been designed specifically to support the Black community. We are different from any other credit card processing company out there since we offer the best-quality Black payment services with competitive pricing as well other additional benefits to Blacks, which can help them cultivate better business and educational opportunities and ensure more profitability.

We understand that Black businesses and entrepreneurs are often at a disadvantage because of the systemic discrimination in the country. BPN strives to advance social justice and equality by making a positive difference to the Black community by giving them better opportunities and helping circulate Black money in the community.

Some of the benefits that BPN offers are:

Making Big Savings: Black Payment Network’s groundbreaking technology helps save Black business owners a higher amount of money on their credit card processing, ensuring big savings for Black businesses and merchants, and increased customer satisfaction.

Deliver Improved Professional Services to Your Clients

Creating Profitable Jobs: BPN offers Blacks highly profitable jobs and career opportunities for individuals who want to form a partnership with BPN and become POS resellers or open BPN businesses.

Helping the Community: With BPN, Black businesses and entrepreneurs can keep the money in the neighborhood, helping their community to advance and succeed.

Building Fintech Opportunities: At BPN, we are offering Blacks brand-new opportunities in the financial technology industry, rather than the healthcare and hospitality industry that Blacks commonly find opportunities in.

Funding Black Students: BPN creates profitable opportunities for Black students by funding them, helping them set up their own businesses, and allowing them to succeed.

Donating to Black Causes: BPN will be sending 5% of all its profits to benefit Historically Black Colleges and Universities to find Black educational opportunities and empower the next generation of Black students and youth.

Now is Our Time … And Your Time to Act