Black Payment Network offers unique, state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for professional services belonging to different fields, including healthcare, law, finance and accounting, beauty, and more. We understand that professional service providers have clients and customers who rely on them to offer services that can make them lead comfortable and improved lives. With our cutting-edge innovative payment services, we can help them lead their lives in a faster and more convenient way.

Why Black Payment Network

At Black Payment Network, we are committed to providing increased and better opportunities for Black businesses by offering them credit card and payment processing solutions that result in:

  • Higher savings for businesses on credit card processing fees
  • Providing lucrative jobs and careers
  • Offering fintech opportunities for Blacks
  • Creating opportunities for Black students and youth  
  • Donating 5% of profits to HBCU and TS
  • Generating passive revenue
  • Keeping the cash in the Black community for its development and growth

For professional services, we offer an improved payment experience through our:

Mobile Processing: We accept all types of payments through your tablet, phone, or mobile device, including several contactless options like ACH bank transfers and Apple Pay.

Faster Payments: We can help professional services to get payments in a faster way. We can give clients quick and secure payment options both online and in-person and request payments over SMS email as well as track the status of funds in real time.

Payment Scheduling: We can send custom email invoices to the client for your services as well as set up a recurring payment schedule for clients who need to make monthly or regular payments.

Customer Details: Our payment processing platform offers a 360-degree view of the customers’ purchase data and offers in-depth insights to make powerful business decisions.

Secure Storage: BPN processing payments are equipped with military-grade security and vault storage options, which allows professional services to safely store cardholder information for billings, subscriptions, and purchases in the future.

Deliver Improved Professional Services to Your Clients

Thanks to Black Payment Network’s tools, you can easily strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Our payment solutions accept credit card payments from your phone or tablet. Our mobile processing option is intuitive, easy, and secure, offering multiple payment acceptance options for professional services.

The platform is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can seamlessly integrate with your device.

With our mobile solution, professional service providers can easily:

  • Swipe or dip credit cards
  • Create simple or itemized transactions
  • Handle your cash payments and accept and manage tips

Optimize Your Professional Service

Are you ready for your professional service to achieve digital transformation? Stop waiting for checks in your email and start accepting credit cards for your service. Increase customer convenience, save time, make easy savings, and grow your business with our intuitive and user-friendly payment processing solutions by Black Payment Network.