We understand that every Black business is different from the next one. That is why Black Payment Network offers a variety of point-of-sales solutions to bring convenience and accessibility to your business payment processes.

Whether you run a retail store, manage a hospital, or just need an innovative POS solution for your Black business, we offer the best POS solutions that will support and expedite your business’ unique needs.

At Black Payment Network, we offer you unlimited and unmatched benefits for Black businesses and merchants while furthering opportunities for the Black community in society.

Our Unique Point-of-Sales Solution

All our POS solutions are equipped with essential features that are crucial for every business’ operations and payment processing:

  • Our one-of-a-kind POS solutions easily accept payments of all types, including all major credit and debits cards and contactless payments
  • Enables businesses to take orders online or over the phone as well as manage deliveries and takeaways through the POS system
  • Ensures easy and convenient processing with numerous payment gateways
  • Integrate with a suite of innovative technologies and tools that can help Black businesses run operations in a seamless and streamlined way
  • Accepts multi-currency payment processing to increase sales
  • Ensures expedited and efficient transactions
  • Keeps track of customers, sales, and inventory
  • An intuitive online payment solution that allows the use of smartphones and laptops as virtual point-of-sale terminals

POS Solutions That Benefit Black Businesses

With BPN, clients can benefit from a lucrative partnership program that leads to increasing revenue opportunities for businesses. Our POS solution offers:

  • A transformative pricing model with low costs that gives you an edge against the competition
  • World-class recurring revenue streams
  • Various solutions to help save Black businesses and merchants money on their credit card processing
  • Customized support for marketing
  • Hundreds of POS integration partners that can help attract and win vertical markets

Why Businesses Choose Black Payment Network POS Solutions

Black Payment Network’s POS Solutions offer Black businesses a number of benefits that other POS Solutions do not:

State-of-The-Art Tech: With our cutting-edge payment and processing technology, businesses can stay ahead of the competition.

Secure Payment Processing: We guarantee that your customers’ data will always remain safe and secure, thanks to our military-grade security solutions, including PCI-validated point-to-point encryptions and more.

Direct Integrations: Our POS solutions can directly integrate with major third-party apps for scheduling, accounting, ordering, marketing, and more to make your business operations smooth and seamless.

Extreme Flexibility: Our innovative POS solutions are versatile and highly flexible, which empower Black merchants and businesses to use them for a wide variety of payment processing and transactions.

Global Usage: BPN’s payment solutions are used by every industry in the world from ecommerce and retail to trade skills, without compromising operational efficiencies.

Exceptional Support: As its mission to further empower Black businesses, BPN offers a dedicated customer support team that is available to help you at every hour of the day, ensuring a low risk of downtime for your business.

Learn More About BPN’s POS Solutions

No matter what kind of business you are, the right POS solution can help your day-to-day tasks and create lucrative opportunities for your business.

Find out how our POS systems can benefit your business.