A World-Class POS Reseller Program

The Black Payment Network delivers a leading POS reseller program with unparalleled benefits for Black businesses and their clients.

Become a BPN POS Reseller

Business owners seek POS resellers for systems and software solutions that can help their businesses increase customer convenience and grow more profits. Black businesses need a robust and powerful point of sale solutions specifically designed to benefit their business and community and that can support their customers in the best way possible.

At the Black Payment Network, we understand the challenges that Black businesses and their customers encounter every day. That is why we offer a POS Reseller program that gives you powerful, intuitive, and convenient POS solutions that can benefit businesses and customers in the best way possible.

At BPN, we have an unmatched live customer support team that can provide 24/7 support and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Become a BPN POS Reseller

At the Black Payment Network, we operate under a partner-focused model that offers revenue- increasing opportunities and a plethora of benefits for Black businesses.

  • A low-cost pricing model that gives you an edge over the competition
  • World-class recurring and residual revenue streams
  • Customized and ongoing sales team support
  • A helpful program that helps businesses gain access to customer prospects
  • Hundreds of POS integration partners to help expand your market share

Cutting-Edge POS Solutions for Black Businesses

Our POS Reseller program offers a full-scope point of sales solutions for retail and restaurant businesses. Our comprehensive credit card and payment processing solutions help retailers and restaurant businesses save costs on transactions, save time, manage their business efficiently, and deliver the best shopping or dining experience.

With our powerful POS solution, Black businesses can have peace of mind that they have full control over the management of their business.

Improved Opportunities for Profits

There are several benefits of partnering with BPN for POS software solutions. With our robust EMS systems, businesses will spend more time selling and increasing their profit margins.

Highly Integrated System

Our POS system has server-based as well as cloud-based capabilities for creating reports. This prevents Back merchants from worrying about internet disruptions and results in less downtime, while ensuring they will be able to access reporting from anywhere.

Exceptional Support

To help retailers and restaurants grow, you need a robust point of sale system and people who care about the success of your business. Whether you are a new startup or an established business, we can help set up the best POS system to improve your customer experience, increase engagement, and hence, increase customer retention.

With our excellent training programs and support, we will be able to offer Black merchants the integrated solutions they need to make their business thrive. Become BPN’s POS Reseller for unparalleled benefits.