Are you looking to establish a strong and robust partnership that will benefit your business and turn into a reliable revenue source? At the Black Payment Network, we can help you find it.

Our credit card and payment processing system offers various types of partnerships to support your business everywhere. Whether you want to own a BPN office, make reforms, or are a Point of Sale Reseller, we can help you get the products, resources, and services you need to develop and grow your Black business.

Own a BPN Office

At BPN, we invite Black business owners to start up their very own BPN office. This way, we show our commitment to helping Black Americans find jobs in the fintech sector rather than in healthcare or hospitality management.


We are committed to providing creative and voluntary solutions to help solve business and socioeconomic issues for Blacks. BPN is America’s only fully black payment processing channel. Through this service, we offer a range of benefits that can help the Black community grow.

POS Reseller

At BPN, we offer a POS reseller program that provides Black business owners with powerful, intuitive, and cost-effective point-of-sale solutions so that they can offer an excellent customer experience and help their businesses reach its fullest potential.

BPN Partner Benefits

Become an expert by developing, marketing, and selling Black Payment Network solutions. As a partner of BPN, we can provide you with the tools and resources needed to enhance customer engagement, increase your knowledge of BPN payment processing solutions, and earn higher revenue. With BPN, you can be sure to build a top-notch partnership with unparalleled benefits.

Develop Innovative Systems

As a BPN partner, you can develop innovative new solutions with us. We can help you advance your knowledge of payment processing through training and sales.

Sell Solutions

As a BPN partner, we can help you submit co-selling opportunities and ensure your deals close faster. We will also offer you a range of discounts and rewards based on your performance.

Build Long-term Relationships

With the Black Payment Network, partners can build a strong and long standing relationship with our leadership team for a lucrative and fulfilling partnership.

What Makes BPN Different?

BPN gives Black businesses the opportunity to make a true partnership to help deliver fully-integrated payment processing solutions that are unlike any other. We offer turn-key payment processing platforms that integrate seamlessly with all kinds of software.

Payment Support

At BPN, we offer support for all the major payment types, including innovative new payment methods.

High-Grade Security

Our platforms are integrated with high-grade technology and end-to-end encryption that ensures the data is always safe and protected.

Easy Set Up

We offer an easy and intuitive onboarding process as well as a hassle-free and convenient implementation experience that makes installing the technology a breeze for Black businesses.

An Excellent Partnership Program for Black Businesses

A partnership with Black Payment Network offers unmatched benefits:

  • Leading revenue-sharing programs, reliable income streams, as well as bonuses
  • Contactless, mobile, and EMV devices for customers
  • Ongoing 24/7 support by a dedicated relationship management team
  • Low cost of credit card processing transactions
  • Shared resources for growing the payment portfolio quickly
  • A seamless and intuitive onboarding and set up process.

Become a BPN Partner Today!