Have you heard of the benefits of being a credit card processing agent? There are many. By setting up your own BPN office, you can create a residual income, be your own boss, choose the clients that you want and so much more!

At the Black Payment Network, we give you an opportunity to become a BPN agent through a partnership program that helps you set up an office, earn new customers, increase customer retention, and stay ahead of the curve.

Our “Own a BPN Office” Program is designed for independent entrepreneurs and organizations who want to create profitable businesses. We work with each ISO/MSP to bring you a program that works best for you.

Business Funding

Improve Conversion

Our cutting-edge technology, the flexibility of the program and our personalized approach can help increase enrolment.

Increase Efficiency

Through BPN’s payment processing software, tracking and completing deals and applications becomes simple and easy.

Improve Client Retention

We offer merchants the right features and services they need in a payment processing system, including low credit card processing fees.

Increase Bottom Line

Thanks to our unique products and services, we help our clients and merchants process more, and ensure a higher average rate of returns.

Benefits Owning a BPN Office Can Provide You

Residual Income

By owning a BPN office, you can benefit from a residual income for life as long as your business is processing. You can also delegate payables to other parties.

Recurring Residuals

Through BPN, you can get recurring residuals on a set schedule.


At BPN, we value each and every one of our partners. However, we also make sure to give them their independence.


We have a team of experienced experts who know the ups and downs of the industry and will train you so that you can sell with confidence.


We offer exceptional technical support to customers and are just an email or call away. You can contact us at any time 24/7 for you and your merchants.


At BPN, we keep your team constantly updated about any updates about our products and services so that you have the chance to gain exclusive access to new features.

At Black Payment Network, we are experts in helping smart Black agents like you offer excellent services for big clients. We allow Black partners to put the money in their pockets by helping them make savings as well as keep Black money in the neighborhood, building a sustainable revenue stream that can last for the life of your business.

Own your own BPN office by partnering with us today.

  • Put your merchants in our hands
  • Register as an ISO as the first step to creating your own brand
  • Register a BIN to create your very own program
  • Allowing clients to interact with your company while BPN works behind the scene.