If you want to run a business successfully, you need to ensure that you are equipped with a high-grade and efficient mobile payment method that accepts credit cards and debit cards. With a mobile payment solution, you do not need to have a typical storefront or even space for a credit card machine.

BPN Empowers Businesses to Accept Payment On The Go

BPN is a simple, efficient and robust mobile payment option for businesses that need to get paid on the go. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, our BPN mobile payment solutions consist of a card reader that connects via Bluetooth. Through these mobile processing solution, Black businesses can:

  • Swipe or dip a credit card
  • Create simple or itemized transactions
  • Manage cash payments
  • Take stock of and manage the inventory

Virtual Terminal Technology

Due to BPN’s virtual terminal technology, you can gain access to more sophisticated features. The technology can enhance customer experience and optimize your business or store’s operations through multiple features, including:


  • Email Invoicing: With a virtual terminal technology, businesses can send an invoice through an email and empower customers to make online payments securely.
  • Secure Storage: With a virtual terminal technology, businesses can secure confidential customer card information securely for billing and future purchase purposes.
  • Recurring Billing: We can set up an automatic recurring billing feature for customers with monthly or regular subscriptions or for payment of any outstanding balance.

Get the Right Support For Your Black Business

At the Black Payment Network, we offer Black businesses all the support they need to run their businesses successfully. We have an exceptional customer support team that offers 24/7 assistance. We ensure that we offer Black businessmen and entrepreneurs all the opportunities and benefits they need in the fintech industry and help their businesses grow.

Simple Payment Flow

At BPN, we offer an optimized and smooth experience, keeping in mind the habits of mobile customers in mind. Our mobile payment option makes it easy to make payments by asking only about basic information.

  • Reduce the steps during the purchase journey
  • An optimized and comprehensive checkout experience
  • Robust, high-grade security features on mobile

Simple User Flow

With our mobile payment options, customers do not have to use long payment forms that redirect them to other websites and give a slow and frustrating user experience. Our mobile payment option offers customers the efficiency and convenience they need.

Responsive Payment Method

With our mobile payment method, you can shop on the go with a form that asks you only about the most essential information and is able to fit any screen size or device.

If your business does not have a mobile payment solution, it is time you get one. Reach out to the Black Payment Network today and discuss your payment solutions with us.