With a mission to become the No. 1 Black payment processing company in the world, Black Payment Network (BPN) aims to establish strong, long-term relationships with our clients and merchants and purports to be a reliable and trusted payment partner that facilitates the integration of fintech into commerce.

Innovative Solutions for Commerce

At BPN, we offer an extensive range of value-adding services and financial solutions across all industries that not just benefits Black businesses but the entire Black community at large.

Our commerce solutions have been designed keeping in mind the evolving shoppers and ensuring that Black businesses in every industry have future-proof, full-scale digital payment solutions.

We offer the most security, versatility, reach, and value from a single platform so that your businesses can focus on fostering stronger customer relations while their digital payments, security, and compliance are managed without a hassle.


BPN facilitates omni-channel retailers by offering full-scope solutions that empower them to process in-store and online payments and everything in between. Whether you run a single online store or a brick-or-mortar retail store, you can save time, resources, and money with our personalized retail solutions, which include finding out the status of your inventory, syncing your physical business with online business, and more.


BPN delivers a powerful ecommerce solution for Black businesses so that they can grow, thrive, and become successful online businesses while ensuring various discounts and savings. Our comprehensive turn-key ecommerce solutions offer a streamlined shopping experience for customers and ensure your business meets its sales and profitability goals.

Restaurants/ Bars

We offer a comprehensive payment processing system that is built to speed up and streamline your food and beverage business. BPN provides restaurants and bars with a complete payment platform with a unified approach to payment processing that helps ensure optimal operations, including pickup and delivery, table services, quick services, and all front-of-house and back-of-house services.

Professional Services

Our payment processing systems provide seamless payment for all professional businesses. Businesses that have used BPN’s systems have seen increased conversions, reached a broader range of customers, and expanded into new markets. Our platform makes it easy for clients and customers to pay and streamline every phase of the payment journey, increasing the rate of authorization and enhancing revenue generation.

Skilled Trades

We offer custom solutions for skilled trades through our world-class payment processing systems. We ensure exceptional services to customers from the very first call to the final payment as well as providing secure payment solutions that can help skilled trade and manual labor businesses save time and increase the customer experience.


A high-risk merchant account poses a high risk of chargeback by the processor as well as frauds. With BPN, high-risk businesses can ensure secure payment transactions and looser restrictions on international transactions, facilitate reduced chargebacks while processing higher sales volumes, offer recurring billing, and keep you protected from fraud.

At BPN, we offer credit card and payment processing systems to businesses in all industries. As a pro-Black service provider, our systems have been uniquely designed to offer a higher number of benefits to Black merchants, including increased savings as well as to the overall Black community, including donating 5% of the proceeds to HBCUs.

By using BPN, you can ensure that everybody wins.