Black Payment Network offers full-service turn-key solutions for ecommerce businesses, allowing online shops and retailers to deliver a smooth and streamlined shopping experience for their customers, which will result in increased profitability.

A Smart Way to Manage eCommerce Services

When a business is online, customer confidence and trust is vital to success. Everyone who is involved in the transaction needs to feel assured that their payments will go through in a smooth and safe way. At Black Payment Network, we offer a highly secure and cutting-edge payment network for ecommerce payment and credit card processing.

Through the platform, Black entrepreneurs and ecommerce store owners can use it as a complete payment solution, eliminating the need for a third party. Alternatively, you can also use individual features or integrate it into your existing online payment platform.

Smooth Selling

Black Payment Network creates a smooth and seamless checkout experience with its integrated payment processing feature and shopping cart.

  • Highly secure
  • A personalized checkout experience
  • Saves customer accounts, shopping carts, and more

Streamlined Management

Our ecommerce payment processing solutions help handle every aspect of your business and enable store managers to track sales with a built-in dashboard.

  • Handling orders and managing inventory
  • Managing customer relationship
  • Data reporting

Maximized Checkout Conversion

Our ecommerce processing system can help online businesses drive conversion rates at checkout, resulting in higher sales and more profitability.

  • Ensures one-click payments
  • Require authentication only when needed

A fully customizable checkout experience

Increased Rate of Authorization

Through Black Payment Network’s credit card and payment processing systems, ecommerce businesses experience increased authorization rates and approval rates.

  • Ensures automatic updates of cardholder details
  • Uses the best performing processing pathways
  • Network tokenization ensures high approval rates

Improved Revenue Recovery

The ultimate goal of any ecommerce business is high revenue and increased profitability. Through Black Payment Network, ecommerce managers can reap the following benefits:

  • Automatic retrying of declined transactions at the appropriate times
  • Instant retrying for specific transactions that have been declined

Features of BPN’s eCommerce Solutions

Comprehensive Security

BPN’s ecommerce solutions are equipped with high-grade security and privacy options, making your internet payments safe. We combine authenticating features with state-of-the-art anti-fraud systems that check transactions according to the rules set by merchants.

Integration With Existing eCommerce Systems

BPN’s ecommerce solutions can also integrate with your existing systems with APIs or access control server features, ensuring you are equipped with secure transaction processing and ecommerce management capabilities.

Payment Option Support

BPN’s ecommerce solution offers optimal support for card-not-present options as well as direct integration with e-wallets and other payment options, offering embedding customer details and information.

Optimize Payment Journey

With BPN, we make sure that all your customers have an easy time making payments. We can help you optimize every single stage of the customer payment journey from the beginning to the order finalization phase.

Why Choose Black Payment Network

At BPN, we offer a card and payment processing system unlike anywhere else. We aim to be the No.1 Black payment processing system that seeks to profit Black businesses, Black youth, and the overall Black community.

Black Payment Network ecommerce solutions help to:

  • Make considerable savings for Black business owners on payment processing
  • Keep our money in the neighborhood
  • Provide lucrative job and career opportunities for Blacks
  • Provide fintech opportunities for Black
  • Support Black students by donating 10% of the profits to HBCUs and TS

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