At the Black Payment Network, we offer a full-spectrum, fully-integrated ATM processing solution to improve customer experience.

One of the main benefits of using an ATM card is that it is the customer’s own money that is being used, not a loan from a bank, which gives customers peace of mind that they won’t have to pay back the amount. Because of this factor, ATM cards are one of the most favored payment processing modes.

At the Black Payment Network, we ensure that Black businesses have functional ATM processing machines wherever customers need them. Our ATM solutions provide extensive operational support to third-party payment processors and banks and give them an excellent authorization and routing platform that can process both cards and non-card based transactions through an ATM network.

In addition to simple transactions like cash withdrawals and fund transfers, our ATM solutions also offer several smart features that empower Black businesses to provide a more personalized and engaging experience to customers. Our ATM processing systems can predict your customers’ favorite transactions for quick cash withdrawal and send highly targeted marketing campaigns to them.

Benefits of BPN’s ATM Solutions

ATM Device Management

Black Payment Network’s ATM solution empowers Black businesses to manage all sorts of ATM devices and support from all the leading ATM brands in the market.

Support for ATM Card Schemes

Our ATM solutions offer domestic and international card schemes with clearing, reconciliation, and settlement support, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and many others.

Excellent Integration

BPN’s ATM solution can easily integrate with other external systems in order to process different transactions, such as remittance, bill payments, mobile and web initiated transactions, cardless cash withdrawals, and more.

Smart ATM Features

Through smart ATM features, Black businesses can offer a personalized experience to customers by leveraging customer usage trends and ensuring the ATMs serve to retain customers.

Improved Security

Our PCI-compliant ATM solutions are protected by high-grade security systems and,meet the industry’s strictest security and privacy standards,  ensuring full protection of customer’s data.

What BPN’s ATM Solutions Offer You

The Black Payment Network helps ATM owners and operators reduce their operating costs, deliver scalability, and create growth opportunities while ensuring speed, reliability and quality services. Some of the benefits that ATM solutions offer are:

  • Low-cost of enabling new features
  • Cardless access to accounts and distribution of funds
  • Quick and intuitive integration with other digital channels
  • Easy bill payments
  • Fraud protection and risk mitigation
  • API connected to customers, partners, and networks
  • A centralized reporting of analytics data

Interested in Black Payment Network?

Are you a Black business looking for robust ATM solutions? At the Black Business Network, we can help you. Reach out to us today and gain a number of benefits, including:

  • More savings on transactions
  • Opportunity for getting jobs in the fintech industry
  • Creating lucrative business opportunities for Blacks
  • 5% proceeds to HBCUs and TS
  • Funding black students for opportunities

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