At the Black Payment Network, we strive to be the No.1 black credit card and merchant payment processing service in the world. We offer a diverse range of services and features that can help you get an edge over your competition.

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Business Funding

At the Black Payment Network, we can give you quick access to cash to fund your growing Black business. We are very proud of our Business Funding Program and provide Black businesses with appropriate funding. Businesses can pay us back with a predetermined percentage of daily credit card sales until the borrowed amount is paid in full.


At the Black Payment Network, we offer fully-integrated end-to-end ATM solutions for improving the customer experience through ATM channels. ATM is one of the most preferred payment choices for merchant clients since it is associated with low cost and low risk and businesses get instant recipes of funds. This helps reduce the pressure of margins, grow market share, and offer an excellent customer experience.

Surcharge & Cash Discount Programs

Most customers today are cashless and like to pay through either debit or credit card. Since the pandemic, it has become more practical to pay with a card rather than handle paper money that may be contaminated. However, processing cards is not always very cost-effective. At the Black Payment Network, we help our clients save on surcharges through our cash discount programs. This means more solutions to save Black businesses more money on their credit card processing, allowing them to keep their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

As a business, you may always be on the lookout for high-reward and low-risk payment options that can also help you attract a wider customer base. We recommend that you add a Gift and Loyalty Card program to your business. At Black Payment Network, we support a large number of programs to help businesses retain, engage, and reward loyal customers.

Why Work With Black Payment Network?

Black Payment Network is the payment processing system of choice for Black businesses and merchants since we offer them a lot of benefits that other payment processing companies don’t. Some of the benefits that you can reap by working with BPN include:

  • Payment solutions that can help Black businesses save money on their credit card processing
  • Provide lucrative jobs and careers in the field of fintech, not health care or hospitality for Blacks
  • Empower Black businesses to keep money in the neighborhood
  • 5% of profits will be donated to HBCUs and TS
  • Offer beneficial funding opportunities to Black students

For Black businesses, Black Payment Network offers unlimited opportunities for the entire Black community, not just the merchants using them.

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