Welcome to the
Black Payment Network

At the Black Payment Network, we are changing the way Black businesses work. We are the 1st of its kind Black merchant and credit card processing company in the world that helps to empower Blacks to reach a wider customer base, offering them an intuitive and convenient payment gateway and helping increase their business’ profitability.

Our payment solutions have been specifically designed to not just support Black merchants, agents, and partners with processing solutions but to create Black jobs and careers and support Black institutions like HBCUs.

Our Mission

At Black Payment Network, our mission is Black empowerment. We are committed to ensuring the success of Black businesses, customers, and partners and aim to become the No. 1 payment processing services in the US market we serve by creating state-of-the-art products and services to meet the unique needs of Black businesses and customers and by fostering relationships with major payment networks in the industry.

BPN Message

In the United States, minorities, including the African-American community, continue to face discrimination and lack of access to financial tools and assistance. At BPN, we offer:

  • Power of minority financial inclusion
  • Greenwood and The Gathering Spot (potential marketers)
  • Expand the collective power of minorities
  • The Future of Black Finance is Community

This Is Our Time!

Finally, a Black payments provider. Let’s take back control of our lives and financial future!

Why Choose Us

  • Because Black spending matters!
  • We are the premier one-of-a-kind Black Payment Processor company in the US
  • We help Black businesses save money on credit card processing and transactions!
  • We offer economic opportunities for more Black jobs and entrepreneurship
  • Keep our money in Black communities
  • 5% of profits go to Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to give our youth better opportunities
  • An end-to-end commerce system that facilitates easy and convenient payment for Black businesses
  • Providing Black businesses an edge with streamlined and speedy mobile POS services and contactless technology
  • Offering state-of-the-art POS software and hardware for smooth operations and increased profitability for your business
  • Delivering customers and clients with a frictionless and seamless financial transaction experience, regardless of whether they are making online or in-store payments
  • Allowing Black businesses to make data-driven decisions through actionable insights that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere
  • Spearheading integrated payment technologies that make processing efficient, smooth, cost-competitive for merchants of all sizes and types

What BPN Offers

At the Black Payment Network, we offer safe, reliable, and innovative payment solutions to merchants, ranging from startups and small businesses to multinational organizations across the country.
  • We are a Black payment processor
  • We help Black businesses save money and keep the money in our community
  • 5% of the proceeds go to HBCUs
  • We help simplify all your commerce payment operations
  • We protect our clients’ confidential information with military-grade security
  • We allow Blacks to grow their businesses exponentially with our end-to-end solutions
  • We future-proof Black businesses and show them a clear path to prosperity
  • We ensure smarter saving of money with our low-cost operations and transactions

Offering Simpler, Secure, and Smarter Payment Processing Solutions

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